Ladies & Juniors National Championships 2011

Ladies & Juniors National Championships Hosted by West Midland League, at:

Thingehill Court,

Remember – Via A465 only

Friday 2nd September – Scrutineering Only.
Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th September  – Racing from 9.30am both days.


The gates will open at midday on Thursday 1st September.
They will close at midday on Monday 5th September.

Please note that there is NO early access to the fields, any early arrivals will be parked up at the furthest possible point away from the track/pits, so please do not arrive before this time. Also, please do not wait on local roads, lanes, farm entrances or lay-byes – If you are seen you will also be parked at an inconvenient spot on the field. You have been warned !!!

All campers/caravans will be subject to random searches and any found to be concealing people will be given the option to leave the venue, or pay double for all occupants.
(Any additional revenue made by this will be donated to a local charity)


Due to the recent changes in camping regulations, we require all visitors to adhere to the following;

On arrival at the field you will be directed by an official depending on your vehicle, your camping requirements and whether you have a car to unload. You must stay in the location allocated to you and we regret that it will not be possible to reserve spaces.
Please advise the gate staff on your admission if you require disabled parking, and they will direct you accordingly.
All tents larger than ‘pup’ tents must be in the designated camping area for tents.
There will be 24 hour security on site who can assist you with any queries.